Orchestra How-To Videos

Check out our various tutorial videos on SAP Business One and other business software below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One for iPhone Check out the video below of SAP Business One iPhone App in action.
SAP Business One on iPad
SAP Business One on iPad SAP Business One is on iPad is now available on iTunes Store. SAP Business One iPad Download Link You can download the app at this link:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sap-business-one-mobile-application/id392606876?mt=8
SAP Business One Video Myth
Check out this short video busting the myht that SAP is too expensive for SMEs.
SAP Business One Recurring Postings Video
The Recurring Posting functionality in SAP Business One is demonstrated. Recurring Postings allow you to easily setup posting to your general ledger that occur on a regular basis.  They can be based on fixed amounts, like rent, or can be relation, such as Payroll and the taxes associated. We'll see examples of both in the video.


Search Engine Optimization Services
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Here we'll see how to create a Landed Cost Adjustment, whether it be before or after you have received an Invoice for the landed costs documents.
Here we'll see How To enter a sales order in SAP Business One for a lead, one of the three types of Business Partners.
In this video, Orchestra demonstrates how to use the Sales Analysis Reporting tools in SAP Business One.
Using Crystal Reports in the new report management screen for Business One 8.8
Orchestra's first look at the Data Archiving tool in SAP Business One 8.8, in this video we take an some old data from 2006 and archive it with chart of account comparisons for a clear understanding of system behavior.
In this video we'll how to use the Inventory in Warehouse Report in SAP Business One.  This report provides a great window into your inventory value, prices, and more.
In this video we see how to use the Last Evaluated Price List to dynamic control price lists based on other price lists, view your item moving average cost in a price list, and more.
In this video, we'll see how to set print layouts in SAP Business One using the Print Layout Designer and configuration settings.
Windows and Mac Compatible
SAP Business One on Mac OS X.  In this video we see how Orchestra uses SAP Business One on a Mac via a hosted server and Citrix.
In this video, we'll see how to create a inventory correction document.
In this How To video, we'll see how to use the AP Down Payment document.