User Defined System

SAP Business One User Defined System

SAP Business One is easily customized and configured through the use of User Defined Fields (UDFs) and User Defined Tables (UDTs). These two features allow end users to easily customize their system as needed to create one of kind scenarios and automate certain tasks.

A quick example of a User Defined Field might be an account number that is in addition to all the fields available in B1. Usinga User Defined Field, the additional field can easily be added to the customer fiel, literally customizing the database without any developers needed.

User Defined Fields in SAP Business One

SAP Business One allows the user to create custom fields on nearly every screen and window within the system. You can create new fields to hold data about master files, like customer info specific to your business, or you could add fields to documents in the system that are important to your processes.

Check it out in action below:


User Defined Tables in SAP Business One

SAP Business One has the capability to allow user to create custom tables of information within their system. Users can create User Defined Tables with custom fields as well, allowing for a completely custom user created table of data right in your business system. Common examples of how this great feature is used is to house data such as: historical sales data, shipping data details, configuration settings, and more. Whether you need a small table to hold some basic data or multiple interconnected custom tables, SAP Business One is capable of easy user customization.

Form Settings Control Screen Display

SAP Business One makes configuration of each user's screen a snap with Form Settings. Each individual user can configure their window however they see fit, allowing for a more productive workspace. For example, a salesperson might need a certain set of fields displayed on the screen while entering Sales Orders, but an accounting person needs completely different fields when looking at the same screen. Each user can Hide/Display fields as they wish and even reorder them on the screen. Check it out in action below:


Field Name Customization

SAP Business One is ready to be personalized for each company that runs it. If you refer to your "items" as "products" or you refer to customers in SAP as "Account #s", SAP Business One allows you to easily personalize the system by changing the name of individual fields. Check it out in action below: