Industry Solutions

Orchestra Industry Solutions

Orchestra provides solutions for speciic industries and sectors of business, for both our business software and web offerings. Below you will find details on each industry we specialize in, where you fit in, and what to do if you don't see your industry on the list.

List of industries Orchestra specializes in:

Petroleum Distributors:

Also known as jobbers, fuel wholesalers, petroleum marketers, and fuel distributors

Orchestra provides software and services to the petroleum distribution market with our OrchestratedFuel solution. OrchestratedFuel is a complete business management and accounting software suite for fuel distributors and jobbers, built on the most powerful accounting software platform available, SAP Business One.

OrchestratedFuel is software that manages all aspects of a petroleum distribution business, from the taking of orders to EFT and everything in between.

OrchestratedFuel covers the main areas of business; Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Pricing, Banking, Manufacturing, MRP, CRM, HR, Reporting. The SAP Business One platform provides a solid foundation of core accounting and business operations functions for most main areas of business.

When it comes to running a fuel distributor, OrchestratedFuel really shines, with Cardlock Integration, Dynamic Rack Plus pricing, OPIS, and more. The software comes prebuilt with common processes and scenarios, such as fuel blending, drum returns, and nozzle exchanges.

Here is a list of some of the great features of OrchestratedFuel:

  • Dynamic Rack Plus pricing
  • Automatic Emails/Fax/SMS of price updates to specific customers
  • EFT Integration
  • Customer Statements & Finance/Service Charges
  • Common scenarios: fuel blending, drum returns, nozzle exchanges
  • Excise tax reporting
  • Repackaging made easy: (example, bulk to pails)

Additional information about OrchestratedFuel:

OrchestratedFuel is a complete system to run the entire fuel distributor business, and is built on a backbone by SAP, the world's largest business software company. Nearly all the supply chain runs of the oil & gas industry runs SAP software, and now the downstream distributors can too.

Contact Orchestra at 877-683-2648 to learn more.


Breweries: Small to large breweries

Orchestra provides software and services directly to the brewery industry through our OrchestratedBeer offering for breweries. OrchestratedBeer is business management and accounting software for breweries, that helps run all areas of business at a brewery.

OrchestratedBeer is built on SAP Business One, a trusted accounting software provider and behind most systems at large breweries. Coors Brewing, Anheuser Busch, and Carlsberg all run SAP software, and now small and midsize breweries can run similar software by Orchestra.

OrchestratedBeer covers all areas of business operations at a brewery including; sales and order taking, customer relationship management, brewing process, bill of materials/recipes, tax reporting, automatic financial reporting, and more.

All the core areas of business are covered; Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, CRM, Pricing, Banking, Financials, Production, MRP, Reporting. The foundation of SAP Business One makes up the core of the business operations side of the software.

Here is a list of some of the great features of OrchestratedBeer:

  • Beer master recipe and brewing
  • TTB Reporting made easy & automatic
  • One single system for entire business
  • Software used by the biggest breweries, built for smaller breweries
  • Integrates to Outlook, Salesforce, etc.


Small Business Sector

Orchestra knows small businesses well and builds many of our products and services with small business in mind. If you are in an industry you don't see above, that's okay. We work with companies all the time that are in other industries.

When you are in an industry that is not our professional specialty, we spend a little more time listening to how you run your business and how we want to manage those processes in the software. The software is very configurable, so we have many options for creating and implementing a system that is highly tailored to your business and processes, built is supportable and upgradable.