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The Orchestra Sales Process - It's about you!
Buying software doesn't have to be confusing.  
We believe that doing business should be easy.
At Orchestra we follow a clearly defined sales process, to reduce as much confusion about buying software and services as possible.  We use a simple 5 step process that allows both our firms to utilize our time and resources in this process by clearly outlining the steps and requirements of each.
Our process for sales is simple:
Step 1:  Introductory Call - We all introduce ourselves and firms, discuss your needs at a high level, and determine if we're a good fit for each other and if we should move to the next step.
Step 2:  Discovery Session - We'll spend a few hours on-site together (or virtually) to discover and document your goals, needs, wants, and expectations with your new software.  The outcome of this meeting is delivered to you for review before moving forward.
Step 3:  Custom Demo - Based on the discovery session, we customize a demo of the software built specifically for you.  We'll deliver this demo virtually over the web in a web conference.
Step 4:  Final Demo (optional) - Often, propective clients wish to see a second demo of additional features prior to making a final buying decision.  We're happy to ablige.
Step 5:  Executive Conference - We all sit down together and determine if we're going to do business together.  The project proposal is presented to ownership and a buying decision is made.
We think a process like this works well because it is simple.  We know how difficult it is to look at multiple software packages and how tedious it is to see multiple demos, so we make our process as transparent and easy for you as we can. 
With Orchestra, you will always know where we stand and where we're going next.  If we need to circle back, we will.  If we need to skip ahead, we can do that too. 
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You can contact us at any time by phone at (559) 477 4256. If you like the interwebs more, use the form below and the Orchestra Team will respond quickly.

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