SAP Business One Remote Access

SAP Business One Remote Access

SAP Business One and Citrix are Orchestra's tools to enable small and midsize businesses to access their most important applications in ways that used to only be accessible to the biggest IT budgets. Today, virtualizing business applications is not only possible for small business, it is affordable, efficient, and simple.

Orchestra uses Citrix to virtualize the SAP Business One application itself (and others), which is then accessed from anywhere and on type of OS. Including, of course, a Mac.

There are several flavors of Citrix available that will allow you to publish applications to a variety of platforms via the internet. Orchestra either deploys Citrix XenApp Fundamentals or XenApp, depending on the size and complexity of your organization. XenApp Fundamentals is a simple and powerful way to easily publish an application, while XenApp provides a more robust and flexible environment for larger installations.

Citrix XenApp Fundamentals allows us to seamlessly publish an application to any OS via the Internet using a simple login process. It also provides great access to local machine resources like printers and software applications. In nearly every case, it's difficult or impossible to tell that the application is not running locally. The best part is, once you have Citrix set up, you can literally access SAP Business One from nearly any computer in the world. It's as easy as logging into a web site and clicking an icon.

Some benefits and features of the solution are listed below and can also be found here: Citrix XenApp Fundamentals

Citrix XenApp Description

Citrix XenApp Fundamentals enables SAP Business One to run centrally on a Windows® server and to be accessed remotely with only basic Internet connectivity and a Web browser. User keystrokes and mouse clicks are relayed in real time to the central server at the main site over the public network. Screen updates and audio outputs are sent back to the user’s computer. All communications is protected from eavesdropping. Business One executes safely at the central site, but every user appears to have a copy installed locally.

Citrix XenApp Security

XenApp Fundamentals scrambles all remote transmissions with secure encryption techniques and enables access control based on the user’s role and authorization level. Further, the application executes on the main corporate computer so data remains physically protected. With these powerful security measures, management can be confident that corporate data is not being compromised over the public network.

Citrix XenApp Performance

Citrix XenApp Fundamentals helps ensure a consistent level of performance even when remote connections are relatively slow. In fact, the Citrix solution requires only 20Kbps of network bandwidth because such a small amount of data is transmitted across the connections.

Citrix XenApp - Equipment Incompatibility

Rather than requiring each user’s device to be outfitted with enough horsepower, the right software environment and the proper operating system to run SAP Business One, the Citrix solution enables virtual access from any device or operating system that can connect to the main site over the Internet with a standard Web browser.

Citrix XenApp - Managing software updates

To keep pace with customer needs, Business One is frequently enhanced. Access Essentials makes it possible to incorporate new versions, hotfixes, and patches once at the main computer without disturbing any of the user’s equipment. This saves time and money, and makes the upgrades available much more quickly.

Citrix XenApp - Controlling user actions

For security reasons, organizations may wish to limit the actions a remote or mobile user can take with Business One. For example, they may want to prevent an accountant working from home from storing corporate data on their home PC. Such rules can be quickly set up with the Citrix software.

Controlling costs

Unnecessary travel, long-distance calls, and high-speed connection costs can be dramatically reduced when you can depend on secure Internet access to your SAP Business One environment

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