Orchestra Preventative Support

Orchestra Software Support

At Orchestra, we think about software support a little differently than most. We don't believe in the model of "wait for it to break, and charge to fix it", but instead think support should really be about preventing issues from happening in the first place through pro-active and preventative support processes. And if an issue does arise, Orchestra acts swiftly to resolve it.

With Orchestra Support, you get a different level of care than you will with your average software vendor. But we think you'll like that and we're proud we can offer unlimited support time to our clients. Our competitors think we're crazy, we think we're doing what's right.


Support Plans - Tier 0-3:

Orchestra feels that our partners should have a choice in the level of service that they are offered. Our Support Tier system allows you to pay what you want for the features you need. We suggest each package based on the number of SAP Business One licenses in use on site. If an Orchestra client feels they don't need a recurring support plan, we have a Tier 0 hourly rate of $200/hr set up for situations when they arise.


Consultant Days on Site:

At Orchestra, we believe that to get the most out of your SAP Business One system you need a strong relationship with your partner (that's us!). As such, our support plans offer you one of our staff consultants, on site, for a number of days each year. Have questions you need answered? Want advice on the best way to set up reports and processes? Need guidance from a trained expert during an important business time? With our proactive support packages, you get 2, 4 or 6 days of a live person, on site to help you out with anything you need.


Emergency Support Line:

Emergencies happen! Late-night and early-morning emergencies can be nightmares for small businesses if they don't have someone to turn to. Don't worry, though, we've got you covered. Orchestra has an emergency line you can call at any time for immediate help. Our after-hours rate runs from 6pm PST until 8am PST.


Web Support Ticket System:

Our Tier 1 through Tier 3 support packages have unlimited access to our online support ticket system, allowing you full transparency into your open support calls, issues, and pending upgrades. The online systems enables Orchestra to provide real time information about a critical issue and the expected resoltuion time.


Free Upgrades:

SAP periodically releases security and feature upgrades to Business One that are available to your company as part of your normal maintenance fees. We'll either remote-in or visit on-site and upgrade your systems personally. Upgrades are done during business hours (M-F, 8-5).