Office 365 Mailer Integration Setup for SAP Business One

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Here's a  step-by-step document which shows how to configure the Office 365 mailer for SAP Business One/OrchestratedBEER. The document explains how to setup the SBO Mailer with a generic Email address and have user specific email addresses in SAP in conjunction with Office 365.   The key to having the emails send successfully is to give the generic Email address “Send As” permissions for the user specific email addresses.  An overview of the process is as follows:

  1. Connect Windows PowerShell on your local computer to the cloud-based service
  2. Give Users Send As Permission
  3. Disconnect Windows PowerShell from the cloud-based service
  4. Setup SBO Mailer user credentials

The instructions have been modified for this specific scenario, a link to the complete step-by-step process document can be found below:

SBO Mailer for Office 365 Setup.pdf697.4 KB