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Orchestra Software Expands to New Office Space

Orchestra's New Office Space

Orchestra Software has relocated to a new office location to accommodate a growing workforce and increasing customer base.

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Why the Best Breweries Run OrchestratedBEER

With all the brewery management software solutions on the market today, how do you decide on the right fit for your brewery? We are in this industry becasue we want to help breweries succeed, which is why we can offer up a few reasons why some of the best craft breweries in the industry choose OrchestratedBEER.

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QuickBooks for Breweries: Good or Bad?


We've talked to literally hundreds of small and large breweries alike in the last few years. About 99% of those breweries said they were running QuickBooks - and for good reason. QuickBooks is easy to use, it's cheap, and the interface is fantastic with all those pretty buttons that inspire a sense of accomplishment when you click them. QuickBooks is by far one of the best off-the-shelf bookkeeping software systems available for small businesses and personal finance.  So it'll work perfect for a brewery too, right? Not so fast.

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2013 Sapphire Now & ASUG Annual Conference


The 2013 SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference will be held in Orlando,  May 14-16 at the Orange County Convention Center. The Conference offers an outstanding opportunity to meet with SAP customers, partners, and ASUG affiliate members from around the world. We've compiled some links and useful resources below:

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Orchestra & Firestone Walker Provide Beer at SAP's FKOM

FKOM Beer Card

Orchestra customer Firestone Walker Brewing Company will be providing 25 cases each of its Pale 31, Double Barrel Ale and Union Jack IPA for SAP’s Field Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM) at the Venetian Palazzo Congress Center in Las Vegas, January 22nd–24th.  With more than 5,000 SAP employees a

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Office 365 Mailer Integration Setup for SAP Business One

SBO Mailer Setup screenshot

Here's a  step-by-step document which shows how to configure the Office 365 mailer for SAP Business One/OrchestratedBEER. The document explains how to setup the SBO Mailer with a generic Email address and have user specific email addresses in SAP in conjunction with Office 365.   The key to having the emails send successfully is to give the generic Email address “Send As” permissions for the user specific email addresses.  An overview of the process is as follows:

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SAP Recognizes Orchestra as "Future" of Small Biz

Orchestra LLC and OrchestratedBEER are receiving some well-deserved attention within the enterprise software community after being showcased recently at SAP’s small and midsize enterprise (SME) Summit in New York City.

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2012 ASUG Business One Summit


The ASUG SAP Business One Summit 2012 is right around the corner. The annual conference will be held in Dallas, TX. We've compiled some links and resources for our readers below.

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Brewery Management Software Webinar Series

webinar series: managing brewery growth

OrchestratedBEER is launching a new informational webinar series that addresses the pains involved with a growing craft brewery.

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Brewing on Spreadsheets - Life Without Brewery Management Software

Brewing with spreadsheets

There’s an obvious difference between doing something and doing something well. We’re talking about the business of spreadsheets – the lifeblood and foundational management system on which a majority of breweries are built (we’ll save the QuickBooks portion for another blog).