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Orchestra Brings Enterprise Level Technology Down to Small Business

Orchestra LLC is a Business Technology provider for small and midsize companies in Oregon, Washington, and California. We help small and mid-size businesses solve problems. Whether it be software, hardware, the web, or services, we have it in our tool belt. We understand small business and can help increase revenue or reduce cost through our wide range of products and services.

From the best business software in the world, SAP Business One, to application hosting and support, we have it in our tool belt. Ask us How.


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Brad Windecker


Brad is a co-founder at Orchestra and is currently the President. Brad has the unique and very useful background of growing up in a family business, combined with an education in entrepreneurship and business management. As President, Brad oversees the direction of Orchestra, establishes and maintains the partnerships vital to our success, and creates the guiding mission and strategy of Orchestra.

Brad spent much of his childhood working at Windecker, Inc. the family business, starting out hoeing weeds as a young teenager and moving up to deliveries and eventually to management after college. He has an uncanny knack for understanding what small business owners need and find valuable and uses that understanding in his guidance of Orchestra.

Most importantly, as our President, Brad is accessible to all our clients at any time. He routinely visits with clients and often calls out of the blue to see how things are going. We're not sure how he does it, but he somehow stays on top of everything we have going on and keeps us focus on what's important.

When you work with Orchestra, you're working with people that care about small business and your success. This commitment to small business can be seen in Brad's strategic vision for Orchestra and in our daily operations with clients and partners.

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Reshad Kazimee

Vice President

Reshad is the VP of Operations at Orchestra, handling everything necessary to grow our business in both the short term and long term. Reshad, a serial entrepreneur and business owner, has a long history in small business management and software systems which he utilizes everyday in his role at Orchestra.

As Orchestra's VP of Operations, Reshad oversees the creation and roll-out of our solutions, directs the sales team, develops our sales execution strategies, overseas implementation schedules and manages day-to-day operations. If you contact Orchestra to ask about doing business with us, you're likely to speak to Reshad and find out that he's interested in your business and how we can help. He has an uncanny ability to determine what really matters to people and where Orchestra's solutions and services fit in.

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Dani Clauson

Project Manager

Dani is our Project Manager here at Orchestra. She helps keep us organized, our projects on schedule and our clients happy.

Dani holds a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Concordia University, where she played collegiate basketball. (She's also the only member of our team to have a clip on ESPN!)

Dani's past experience includes a year-long internship with a brokerage firm and was a Financial Representative at a finance company. Dani also enjoys coaching a girls middle school basketball team in her spare time.

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Glen Thonis

Support Consultant

Info coming soon...

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Sarith Chey

Support Consultant

Sarith is another one of our talented support consultants. With a degree in business administration and a customer service background through Mariott, Sarith is well-equipped to help our clients solve any issues that may arise.

Sarith also spent 10 years building his own computers on the side, which helped him troubleshoot hardware/software capability issues.

Sarith's fascination with computers, technology and software, combined with his customer service skills gained in the hospitality industry make him the perfect candidate to help us support our clients in a professional manner.

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Ryan Townsend

Sales Assistant

Ryan brings his sales expertise to Orchestra after working 3 years as a Mobility Sales Consultant for AT&T. Ryan isn't about selling, he's about building relationships.

Although he was quite successful in past jobs, Ryan saw a promising opportunity to work with Orchestra in a growing industry with new challenges.

Ryan had the unique opportunity to study abroad at an internship in Norway while pursuing a business degree at Oregon State University.

Ryan spent more than 7 years supervising seasonal production lines, directing workflow and managing shipping/logistics at his family farm called Townsend Farms Inc.

Ryan likes to spend his free time playing soccer, snowboarding, wakeboarding, fishing and golfing. He’s also a diehard Beavers and Trail Blazers fan.

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Greg Johnson

Director of Support

Greg is a Support Technician for Orchestra. He contributes to the day-to-day support issues that arise with our clients. His previous experience in help desk support and customer service support roles in the IT industry brings great value to our support team.

Greg is also a Veteran. He served honorably in the Military for 9 years. Amongst earning 3 MOS's (Cannon Crewmen, Supply & Logistics, and Communication), Greg also completed his tour as a Staff Sergeant.

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Drew Monroe

Marketing Communications Associate

Officially known as the Marketing Communications Associate, Drew is essentially a “man of many hats”. His position encompasses more than just marketing and communications by contributing to various tasks that help us maintain efficiency and provide exceptional visual materials for our clients.

Drew’s background combines a unique blend of marketing and PR that provides valuable insight and perspectives in our day-to-day operations. His input helps us connect with clients and present a more simplified approach. Drew’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit were instrumental in implementing a social media strategy for a non-profit and creating a marketing and recruiting campaign for a start-up nuclear power company.

Whether it’s designing and updating our website and newsletters, following up with clients, or simply providing input on presentations and proposals, Drew assists with the overall flow and helps it all come together in a way that is both understandable and visually appealing to our clients.

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Gary Godfrey

Director of Services

Gary is the Services Director at Orchestra. He has an extensive array of business experience in the areas of accounting, finance and sales. Gary is a certified SAP consultant and currently holds the highest score for the certification test: 94%. He is frequently involved with the on-site implementations of our new clients as well as support-related issues.

He also developed and supported a software application for the automotive industry. His knowledge and understanding helps our support team provide exceptional service assisting our clients.

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Frank Durbin


Frank is a member of the development team here at Orchestra working on expanding our SAP Business One add-ons.

Frank has developed mission critical medical applications for hospitals and clinics as a team lead, occasionally even leaving the computer to personally train clients. Additionally, Frank has been involved in developing and supporting business applications for movie studios and finance companies.

Frank brings a degree in computer science focused on database application development and a background in strong customer service.

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